BITE Guitars Announces June Jamboree Bass Sale

Your Chance of a Lifetime for an Affordable Custom Bass

BITE Guitars Announces June Jamboree Bass Sale

Your Chance of a Lifetime for an Affordable Custom Bass

Austrian custom bass builder BITE Guitars sets off its first June Jamboree promotional fireworks. BITE head Wolfgang cites three good reasons for ordering a BITE bass online in June.

‘First, we need to raise our prices in July. Rising procurement costs sadly affect us like everyone else.

Second, we’d like to bid our current prices farewell in an appropriate manner and offer 10% discount on all configurator prices. Build your custom bass online in our configurator, add to cart and insert the coupon code “june-jamboree” at checkout. Now watch 10% skimmed off your price.

Third, we offer payment in instalments. We normally need 100% upfront, after all we build each bass individually following customer specifications. Now in June, watch your price reduced to just 10% deposit payment at checkout.’

The balance of 90% becomes due in July or August, at the customer’s discretion. Those who want their bass fast pay the balance in July. Others are welcome to defer until August. These promotional goodies come on top of BITE’s ongoing 14-days no-questions-asked return policy.  

BITE head Wolfgang: ‘People ask us how we can pull off our return policy with custom basses. In fact it’s very easy. The answer is quality. We are a young firm, we’ve had a total of 3 returns in 3 years of building basses. Every single return was for personal customer preferences, the neck profile, the downsized body. Not a single return for quality reasons.’ BITE puts much luthier handwork into each bass and instals only first rate hardware.

Wolfgang adds, ‘Our quality checks are outright pedantic: dozens of pages to tick off. Our wonderful customers reward us by rating our basses and customer service 4.9 out of 5. We are extremely thankful. Many of our customers become like friends, many have ordered several basses, our record customer a whopping seven basses within two years. Customers often tell us the story behind their BITE bass. Believe it or not, there’s a story to every bass. Fascinating stuff.’ Customer reviews make for an insightful read on

BITE’s proprietary 1000mV pickups generate record 1000 millivolts of passive output, cutting through the band mix and making the bass heard. BITE ships worldwide insured, meaning customers carry no risk of damage or loss until safe delivery at their doorstep. The BITE online configurator offers over a billion different bass configurations, a bass can be configurated in under one minute and is generally delivered within a few weeks after ordering. Prices are well below the prevailing custom price range.

BITE custom basses, starting price including insured shipping:
Berlin: 1.169 EUR
New York: 1,172 USD
London: 864 GBP

Customer reviews:

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