BackBeat Announces The Next Generation G2

Limited Preorder starts February 2022 for $299

BackBeat Announces The Next Generation G2

Limited Preorder starts February 2022 for $299

We made BackBeat for you, the musician, to feel your music and own your performance. Since we launched the original BackBeat (Generation 1 or G1), we’ve received hundreds of comments and great ideas on how we could take BackBeat to the next level.

BackBeat is a tactile device with a transducer that shakes on a spring. In principle, it’s a speaker without a cone. You plug a 1/4″ cable from your bass into it. If you play the “A” string on your bass, the moving mass will oscillate 55 times a second. You’ll feel this through your body, and your mind will instinctively know you’re playing an A.

The feel makes your bass sound loud without providing any volume. If you’re on a quiet stage, play without an amp, or use in-ear monitors, your bass will feel HUGE regardless of the mix on stage.

We assembled a focus group of BackBeat users to get their input on improvements we could make to the original design. The details we looked at included rumble, audio, power, controls, cable management, strap attachment, user experience, and many other items.

Then we decided to take the next step, discontinue the BackBeat G1 production, and place all our efforts into producing the next generation BackBeat.

The result is a completely redesigned BackBeat that we’re calling G2 (Generation 2). The revised design provides the same basic functionality as BackBeat G1 but with MANY new features and improvements that we will unveil over the coming weeks and months.

BackBeat G2 will be initially available on a Preorder-only basis from our website. Preorders will start in February 2022.

For February 2022 only, and in a limited quantity, price will be USD299* worldwide (regular retail will be USD399*, see pricing schedule below).

Our estimated shipping will be 2Q in 2022, dependent on factors such as chip availability, logistics, and international shipping.

For more visit: BackBeat

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