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Phil Jones recently debuted their smallest and most portable lightweight cabinet with their C2. The 200 Watt shoebox size cab containing the smallest speaker ever produced by PJB takes fitting a lot of power into a lightweight package to the next level. 

Bass Magazine's Jody Miller sat down with the C2 to test out its range and see how well it performs for working bassists of all styles.

At 0.87 cubic feet of space, weight is not an issue so each driver has a large and powerful strontium ferrite magnet. This magnetic material is the most stable available, immersing the incredible electromagnetic force that can be generated by PJB high-temperature voice coils. The voice-coil is the heart of a loudspeaker that takes the full power from an amplifier and converts this into acoustic energy. The voice-coil in the C2 is a result of PJB’s dedication to loudspeaker research for almost 2 decades. 


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