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When two masterful musicians join forces, some supernatural chemistry can transpire. Sedatø describes their debut self-titled EP out Nov. 18th as “a darkly playful musical suicide” — the kind of mind-blowing collaboration that can only happen after decades of playing together. The cross-continental duo Tim Lefebvre (bass) and Jason Lindner (keys) originally met on tour with saxophone great Donny McCaslin. The two went on to both record on David Bowie’s iconic “Blackstar” and felt they had a certain alchemy that would be worth exploring more. They hit Transmitter Park Studio in Brooklyn with producer Abe Seiferth to see what would happen.

“I was a fan of Jason as a composer and musician,” Tim says. “Then we ended up starting to play together. We had a good time and shared a lot of the same influences. Jason is so good on analog synths.”

Both Tim and Jason had a longstanding love of electronica, so the “jams” were heavy from the start. Naming the project “Sedato” - the Italian word for sedate - was both ironic and relevant. When the two were on tour with McCaslin, there was a funny moment at the airport in Italy where someone had a heavily sedated dog in their arms. They ended up laughing all day about it and years later put the moment to use.

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“The name works with everyone in society wanting to escape, sedate, self-medicate, tune out all the craziness,” Jason says. “I thought that was a cool contrast to what the music is, which is so raw and in-your-face that you can’t really tune us out.”

Because this is such a unique collaboration, they are handling the release differently than most. The single “ovrcnfdnt” will be released along with a music video on Nov. 18th, and the full EP will be available that day exclusively on Bandcamp.