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Musician, author and historian Muneer Nasser has released his book about his dad Jazz bassist Jamil Nasser. Muneer is available to give interviews about the new book Upright Bass: The Musical Life & Legacy of Jamil Nasser. In addition, his band is available to showcase his companion CD to Upright Bass, called "A Soldier's Story".

"I would love to bring this untold jazz history to the many love jazz and those curious about this history. Many people don’t realize the activism that my father & many others in this genre in. Jazz musicians working and traveling worldwide confronted many issues during segregation. They are often the unsung heroes during their time." Muneer Nasser Book Title: Upright Bass: The Musical Life and Legacy of Jamil Nasser (A Jazz Memoir)


Upright Bass chronicles his evolution from a young bassist on Beale Street to a top-flight bassist on the New York Jazz scene. Miles Davis harbored curiosity about the environment that produced Jamil and three Memphis musicians he hired in 1963. Nasser's narrative captures the untold stories of two piano giants Phineas Newborn and Oscar Dennard. He also shares anecdotes about his mentors: Papa Jo Jones, Lester Young, Charles Mingus, Oscar Pettiford, and Ray Brown. Moreover, Jamil describes his decade long tenure with Ahmad Jamal, which included a life-threatening imprisonment in South America. Finally, we learn about his plight as an outspoken jazz artist fighting for greater union representation, the perils of heroin addiction in the music industry, media access, healthcare, and self-ownership.

The CD has original music and some jazz standards like Caravan, Cherokee and more. Muneer has been giving presentations about his fathers history in jazz along with playing bluesy jazz music. We are bringing back fiery jazz with a touch of the blues.

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