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Britain’s premier music string manufacturer, Rotosound, have relaunched their website, bringing with it an engaging way to navigate the company’s extensive product range and explore its rich history. The redesign includes an abundance of new features, a fully updated portfolio of endorsees, a wealth of technical information, and a trove of fascinating photos and documents from the company’s archives.

The complete product range of strings for electric, acoustic, bass guitar, orchestral and traditional instruments, is now browsable by category plus a useful filter allows products to be selected by material, construction, tone, and number of strings. Not only this, but strings can be filtered by gauge allowing players to quickly find every set of strings available in their gauge of choice.

Each product page contains expert knowledge on materials and tensions, video demos, and a list of famous players and recordings that have used Rotosound strings – many era-defining albums were recorded with the aid of Rotosound strings from Dark Side of the Moon to Appetite for Destruction. An extensive list of artists, along with selected quotes, is located on the Players page.

Visitors to the site can enjoy a visual history of the company on the Our Story page. Here an interactive timeline chronicles past highlights including photoshoots with early endorsees such as Jimi Hendrix, revolutionary innovations in music string design, and changes in music and fashion trends over six decades. Photographs, catalogues, advertisements, and packaging is presented in a new section to the site, The Rotosound Archives, which will continue to grow as more items are digitised and uploaded.

Additional features include a fully incorporated blog, an F.A.Q. section, and a scale length guide, plus players around the world can find their nearest Rotosound dealer using the interactive map.

The relaunched website’s layout and style form part of Rotosound’s new branding redesign spearheaded by recent addition to the team, Jack Dunwoody. The former Digital Marketing Manager at Origin Effects came to the company this year to head up Rotosound’s in-house Marketing and Media Department and is currently bringing in new endorsees, updating the company’s digital presence, and creating fresh content for 2021.

“As a Rotosound player for years, I knew the quality of the strings and how great they sound. But it wasn’t until I dug into the history of the brand that I found a legacy that is as much a part of popular music as Fender or Marshall. Rotosound was there among the most influential bands and used on era-defining recordings – I plan to rejuvenate our branding, tell our story to the world and put Rotosound strings into the hands of players who will define our era.”