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MonoNeon has been a roll so far in the year 2020 playing bass on various albums. Earlier this year MonoNeon played bass on Mac Miller’s posthumous release “Circles” (song ‘Complicated’) and the latest Jacob Collier album “Djesse Vol. 3” (song ‘In My Bones’). Now you can hear MonoNeon on bass on the new Nas album “King’s Disease” on the song ‘All Bad’ featuring Anderson .Paak with producer Hit Boy.

How did you get on the new Nas track featuring Anderson .Paak?

A friend of mines Maurice Brown (trumpeter for the Free Nationals) asked me to come by .Paak’s place to play bass on some tracks, that’s basically how it happened. But I didn’t know it was going to be for Nas’ new album [laughing]. I’m thankful to be part of a great album!

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