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Nils Landgren, Max Mutzke, Milow, BAP, Chaka Khan... The list of people bassist and producer Marius Goldhammer has already worked with is long. Even a worldwide pandemic has not diminished his joy of playing, on the contrary: Right now, after 4000 live concerts and eight years of solo abstinence, Marius Goldhammer releases SONGS OF LOVE AND BASSGUITARS, VOL. 1, an impressive testimony of his creativity and focuses on a worldwide, innovative play together.

Drums come from Berlin drummer Philo Tsongui and from the other side of the world, Australian "drummer's drummer" Brody Simpson. Californian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dino Soldo also single-handedly recorded all the brass sounds, from saxophone to unique harmonica passages. In addition, Marius' longtime groove colleague and pianist Dirk Schaadt inspires with his keyboard and arrangement qualities, refined by tight, sparkling guitars by Moritz Stahl. Marius Goldhammer himself shines with straight basslines, which shape his characteristic sound not only as a solo artist.

So the EP SONGS OF LOVE AND BASS GUITARS, VOL. 1 is exactly the right musical announcement for all those who expect more from modern bass grooves than mindless technical fiddling. An artistic masterpiece as probably the best reaction to difficult times. Here is a man at work who loves what he does and does what he can: incredibly good, inspiring music.

All information:

Composed and produced by Marius Goldhammer.

Arranged by Marius Goldhammer und Dirk Schaadt.

Horn arrangements by Dino Soldo.

Mix: Niko Faust

Mastering: Martin Praetorius

Illustration: Emil Goldhammer

Artwork: Marco Freund