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On the one-year anniversary of his debut solo album, Light of Love, Kaveh Rastegar exclusively premieres his video for his song “Roll Call” featuring Mike Viola with Bass Magazine. Our debut issue featured a profile of Kaveh, along with a complete transcription of “Roll Call” [read it and play along ]. Kaveh relates, “My good friend, Japan-based artist Mike Balderi put together the video using collage imagery and footage of me the last time I played in Tokyo. Mike has done the artwork for a number of my recordings.”

Play along with Kaveh's bass lines on "Roll Call" with our transcription from issue one: HERE

As for Rastegar’s “Preach” remix, he explains, “When John first taught me the tune by playing the chords on piano, I heard a funky bass feel in my head, so that’s what I used to drive my remix.” Kaveh played his ’64 Fender Precision and a Westco Pedals Grease Juicer on the track (listen ). Rastegar, whose next album is due in October, also recently released a Daedelus remix of “Luz Do Sol” from Light of Love, and “Don’t Turn Back,” a track he recorded with L.A. vocalist Dorian Holley. Check them out .