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Joseph Patrick Moore updates the catalog with his 12th solo release, "Nevada Sun". Two years in the making, Mr. Moore has teamed up with...well, produce just right album at exactly the right time. He produced the album and plays every instrument himself while, per his usual modus operandi, spanning genres from smooth jazz to Persian groove...from pop to funk and even a reggae-tinged number.

For nearly two decades Joseph Patrick Moore has been touring, recording, and establishing himself as an artist with a unique voice and a diversity of talents. His skills as bassist, composer, arranger, producer, author, educator and founding partner of Blue Canoe Records and Blue Canoe Digital. Moore's music and creative vision echo the spirits of Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis to name a few. Over the years, Mr. Moore has played with some of the great musicians of our time including Earl Klugh, Stewart Copeland (The Police), Bob James, John Popper, Derek Trucks, Michael Tolcher (A&M/J Records), Colonel Bruce Hampton, Bo Bice (American Idol) and many others. The record label he created in 2003, Blue Canoe Records, recently put out two releases of trios that included 22-time Grammy Nominee and 3- time winner Jimmy Haslip (former Yellowjackets bassist and founding member). In his "spare time", Mr. Moore is an on call artist for the Cirque du Soleil show, “KA” at the MGM in Las Vegas...he keeps talented company.

"Nevada Sun" opens with the title track, a funky pop number that reaches out and grabs listeners attention straight out of the gate. Mr. Moore lays down a solid foundation with the drums keeping steady time against soaring guitar injections. Meanwhile, bouncy keyboard textures give way to a melody that grips the heart immediately until finally a solitary voice leads listeners gently to “Movement of Light”. Smooth jazz radio is tailor made for Nevada Sun's second track. Piano and a strong rhythmic figure point the listener to the genius of JPM's signature bass melodies. The journey of “Movement of Light” really highlights Mr. Moore's multiinstrumental talent and melodic sensibilities.

Further into "Nevada Sun", "Fearless" is like an infusion of cotton candy. It opens with an elastic piano hook on the upbeat...reggae style. Aside from the attention it garners, the steady island vibe and the sparse instrumentation in places really allow for the delivery to breathe in a resoundingly hopeful and playful way. Once again Joseph Patrick Moore delivers the goods. The fusion of styles along with the constant pop and jazz sensibilities will make "Nevada Sun" rise to the top of your playlists. Be on the lookout for multi-media renditions of tracks from the album produced and filmed by, you guessed it, Joseph Patrick Moore!

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