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Brooklyn cult band The Giraffes are best known for their chaos and menace filled live shows and their cult following. The band will release their new studio album titled, Flower of the Cosmos, on Silver Sleeve Records (Caroline, Distribution; formats include vinyl LP and digital) on August 3rd, 2019.

Flower of the Cosmos is a heavy, yet agile record filled with fun songs about sad realities that never gets bogged down but instead rips in ways no other band has been able to manage.


"Recording this album was the single most rewarding and challenging experience I've ever had in the studio," guitarist Damien Price explains. "Conceived as love songs and played with an unbridled ferocity in reaction to the perpetual state of crisis America has placed itself in for the last three years.

" The record was produced and engineered by The Giraffes, Tony Maimone, and Francisco Botero, at Studio G (Tom Waits, The Black Keys, Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Unsane) in Brooklyn during the summer of 2018. Maimone’s production credits include: Frank Black, Pere Ubu, Mike Watt, John Langford, Golem, and Ani DiFranco among others. Grammy award nominee Botero's engineering credits include Highly Suspect, Adriana Lucia and more.

The album title, Flower of the Cosmos, the band explains "is a bitter acknowledgment that the modern world in all of its absurdity, vanity, sham, exploitation, and cruelty stands as the culmination of a 4 billion year uninterrupted chain of life on earth. We are the fruit of all that has come to pass before us, the pinnacle of creation, the acme of reality." The ten tracks on the record are 1. "Can't Do This In Your Head," 2. "Like Hate," 3. "Faks," 4. "Golden Door," 5. "Fill Up Glass," 6. "Bubble Scum," 7. "Raising Kids In The End Of Times," 8. "Dorito Dreams," 9. "Crude Wave," and 10. "Romance."

The Giraffes is Aaron Lazar on vocals and guitar; Damien Paris on guitar; Andrew Totolos on drums, percussion, accordion; Hannah Moorhead on bass. The group has toured and shared the stage with artists such as Eagles of Death Metal, Local H, Gogol Bordello, Fishbone, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, Strokes, Modest Mouse, Radkey, Dandy Warhols, Blowfly, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Prince Paul, Famous Monsters and more.


Hannah Moorhead

Hannah Moorhead moved to New York City from Connecticut in 1992 to pursue a career in film and video. Among the many jobs on indie features and shorts, she prioritized two music themed TV shows during that time. Playing music was a hobby since she started piano as a young child but shortly after moving to New York she decided that playing had become a real passion over film and made bass guitar her focus. Moorhead was able to carve a career out of it for a while; joining numerous bands, touring internationally and recording as a member or hired player. The Giraffes shared a bill with a few of those bands, (most notably Epic Recording artist The Twenty Twos and later, The Netherlands) introducing Moorhead to their mayhem, gaining a devoted fan before gaining a devoted bandmate when she joined them in 2018.

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