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The debut single, “Rebel” from Los Angeles based trio, EAST OF JUNE, is available now on all streaming platforms. The video for the trio’s first single premiered on Alternative Press HERE.

EAST OF JUNE’s debut single, "Rebel," immediately draws listeners in with its brawny bass and percolating keyboards, culminating in a crescendo of chorus stomping electric guitars. The debut song illustrates the band's collaborative tendencies, their music evolves and changes with each new idea and musical brainstorm.

"The initial idea around that song was more of a straight-up, four-on-the-floor electronic tune," says guitarist Kyle Mortensen. "And when Emily brought her vocals in, she had this Pat Benatar-esque, ‘I am woman, hear me roar,' female-empowerment aura. It just screamed for bigger guitars in the chorus."

Dirk Lance, a founding member of Incubus who co-wrote and performed on the famed rock band’s hit albums, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself, and Morning View, and was a force behind the group’s biggest songs “Drive,” “Pardon Me,” and “Wish You Were Here.” After leaving the band, he spent the last decade on a passion project called Willie’s Nerve Clinic before joining with Kyle to start a songwriting collective. After meeting and working with Emily, the trio decided they had something awesome to share, and it was time to put a name to the collaboration, EAST OF JUNE.

"What was supposed to have been me just putting in my two-cents started developing into a collaboration without a face to it," Lance says, adding that the pair intended on forming a behind-the-scenes songwriting collective. "Then Kyle made the connection with Emily and she started contributing lyrics and melodies to some existing ideas he and I had put together.” The music always came first,” he adds, “The idea of being a band didn’t dawn on us until we realized we had a record’s worth of material.”

Now, EAST OF JUNE is letting the world in on those amazing songs, starting with the release of “Rebel”.

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