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Award-winning Italian bassist Ferdinando Romano releases his new project, the first as a leader, with a band that features some of the most interesting new improvisers on the Italian scene, alongside ECM trumpet star Ralph Alessi.


Perhaps best described as somewhere between ECM sounds, post-bop and contemporary music, Totem is a journey through Ferdinando’s artistic world which has one foot in jazz and one in classical. One thing that ties it all together: a great attention to the importance of melody.

Alongside Alessi, Ferdinando features long-time compatriots Simone Alessandrini (alto & soprano sax), Manuel Magrini (piano) Tommaso Iacoviello (flugelhorn), Nazareno Caputo (vibraphone & marimba) & Giovanni Paolo Liguori (drums).

“With Ralph we found immediately a great feeling and his contribution to music was so deep and natural that seemed we had been playing together for a long time..."

Totem, which will be released on April 24th, is a narration in music of the monolite made of memories, convictions and roots around which we dance all our life. 

“In an artistic sense each of us has his own Totems; they are our references, the people that we met and with whom we shared musical and artistic experiences. But the single Totems can give life to a much bigger one, something that is much more than the sum of the parts and that represents the creative synthesis of our musical personality.”

The album tour, scheduled in Italy, Slovakia and France between May and June/July, is at the moment on a stop, due to COVID 19. The album release remains unchanged and touring will be rescheduled for autumn 2020.

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