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Blu DeTiger releases her brand new single, “Cotton Candy Lemonade." Get it here! Following the success of her hit single “Figure It Out,” “Cotton Candy Lemonade” is a groovy track where Blu’s hypnotic vocals blend with her preeminent bass skills. Blu sweetly sings “I wanna get lost with you, picture waking up somewhere new,” toying with the idea of leaving the rest of the world behind with a new romance. The single was released on September 23rd.

“The song was written at a point when everyone was stuck at home — and I wanted to explore what it meant to ‘get lost’” Blu reveals of the track. “It taps into the fantasy of running away to a perfect place with your perfect someone, whether it be a friend, a lover, a partner, or stranger. I’m excited for this release because I co-produced the song. I want the listener to get lost in the song itself.”

Released in April, “Figure It Out” erupted on Spotify in over 30 countries and has garnered more than 20M total streams to date. The song also went viral on TikTok amassing 500k videos made with the song and received posts from the likes of Dixie D'Amelio and Hannah Stocking. Blu has been dominating Alt Radio with “Figure It Out,” being included on Hits1 and Alt Nation.

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