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On March 6th, 2021, Bass Magazine will host a live-stream event to introduce new items from the musical instrument industry’s most exciting manufacturers! Hosted by Bass Magazine's own Jody Miller and Marc Stranger-Najjar (The Bass Nerds Podcast), the duo will perform live showcases and discussions for each manufacturer in 20-minute segments during the broadcast, along with an open Q&A, and music video interludes from top bass players. 

RSVP for the event: HERE

The entire broadcast will also be posted to the Bass Magazine YouTube and Facebook Channels, and segmented into highlights for our other social media platforms to be available for future on-demand viewing.  

Tune in to see live demos and previews of the latest gear from BackBeat, Bergantino Audio Systems, Cort Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, EBS, Gallien-Krueger, New York Bass Works, Sandberg Guitars, Scott's Bass Lessons, Solid Gold FX, Spector, and Tech 21

RSVP for the event: HERE 


Sandberg Bass Giveaway
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EBS Microbass BB Ad

Hosted by Bass Magazine's very own Marc Najjar and Jody Miller

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CIVL SAVE Emergency Relief Fund

Please donate to the CIVL SAVE Emergency Relief Fund. CIVL acts to secure the long-term future of these and other venues for the benefit of our communities and emerging artists. Member venues have played a crucial role in the development of Chicago’s music over the last 50 years by nurturing local, national and international talent, and providing a platform for these artists to build their careers and develop their music. Chicago's independent venues provide thousands of jobs, as well as millions of dollars in salaries, revenues, charitable donations and taxes. CIVL strives to gain recognition for the essential role these venues have played in defining the music culture as it exists in Chicago today.

Donate: HERE 


Accusound Cables 15% off for the whole month of March on any order over $40 for anyone using this link:

With the Accusound BX2, what you play is what you get.

"With a different build and different specs than our GX2 guitar cable, BX2 is designed specifically for bass. It’s slightly higher capacitance delivers smooth, clear highs, while its 18 AWG low resistant center core conductor and phase accurate design delivers thunderous, rock solid bass - literally as low as you can go.

BX2 is designed to GET OUT OF THE WAY of your playing. Whether you play with fingers, pick, slap, etc… your articulations will be delivered faithfully and your attack will carry its full weight – never thin, brittle, or muffled. With its clear, phase accurate extension all the way down, your low end will have the solid definition of …well … exactly what you played. 

BX2 features ultra-pure (OFC) copper, gold plated copper core connectors assembled with silver solder for unmatched performance and lifelong durability. BX2 is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the United States of America."