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On March 6th, 2021, Bass Magazine will host a live-stream event to introduce new items from the musical instrument industry’s most exciting manufacturers! Hosted by Bass Magazine's own Jody Miller and Marc Stranger-Najjar (The Bass Nerds Podcast), the duo will perform live showcases and discussions for each manufacturer in 20-minute segments during the broadcast, along with an open Q&A, and music video interludes from top bass players. 

RSVP for the event: HERE

The entire broadcast will also be posted to the Bass Magazine YouTube and Facebook Channels, and segmented into highlights for our other social media platforms to be available for future on-demand viewing. 

Tune in to see live demos and previews of the latest gear from BackBeat, Bergantino Audio Systems, Cort Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, EBS, Gallien-Krueger, New York Bass Works, Sandberg Guitars, Scott's Bass Lessons, Solid Gold FX, Spector, and Tech 21

RSVP for the event: HERE


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