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As the world continues to recover from the Coronavirus, we're all finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory given the subsequent lockdown that is keeping us off of stages and confined to our homes. Luckily, there's comfort in the fact that we're all in this together, and that there are still many outlets for us musicians to keep us active and sane throughout this quarantine. We're checking in with bass players from all over the world to see what they're doing to stay entertained, healthy, productive, and safe during this trying time.

Bass Player: Josh Paul

Band & Artists: Daughtry, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, The Veronicas, Samantha Ronson 

Home: Nashville, Tennessee

How have you been passing time during the lockdown?

Like many of us, our entire schedules have been turned upside down and basically erased. So I’ve decided to make the most out of the time at home by spending some serious quality time with my family. When you see so many falling ill or worse, it kind of makes you sit back and remember all of the things to be thankful and grateful for. I’ve been having a great time doing Instagram videos, I just create a vibe and build a mini tune and have some fun. It’s extremely freeing for me not to have any constraints and be able to do whatever it is that I want, creatively. I’ve also been trying to sharpen my songwriting and production skills—I don’t think I’ve ever learned so many different things from YouTube prior to all of this! The time at home has inspired me to finish a few projects that I’ve had sitting around, as well brainstorming to come up with some new ideas.

What have you been working on in terms of your bass practice routine?

I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and play some different stuff stylistically, tonally, and technically, while trying to make those ideas translate well onto recordings. Just trying to pay attention to technique and what works best for a particular part or song.

What music, songs, recordings, artists, bass players have you been listening to as a source of comfort and inspiration that you can recommend?

’70s and ’80s R&B and funk lifts my spirits, no matter where I am, what mood, what’s going on in the world—it just makes me smile. I’ve been listening to “Love Come Down” by Evelyn “Champagne” King, Lakeside, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, The Fatback Band, Zapp & Roger, Prince, “Juicy” by Mtume, “Outstanding” by the Gap Band—dance floor stuff. I also love Thundercat—I’m into future-funk.

What non-music activities books, shows, movies or workout recommendtions do you have?

My wife and I have have been Netflix-ing to the fullest. We love Ozark, Homeland, Innocence Files, and of course The Tiger King. What in the absolute hell?! I was not ready for that one!

What projects do you have coming up when the world gets going again?

There’s supposed to be another Daughtry record that’s on the books, as well as a tour, whenever it’s safe to do so. This time at home has really motivated me to step up my hustle when it comes to getting out there and making some additional things happen. I’ve started a solo record, and I’ve also been reaching out to some other players about putting together a project. And I have a very cool project I’m working on called the K-Club, which I can’t wait to be able to talk about some more. Gotta keep movin!

What advice can you offer fellow bassists for staying positive and keeping morale high?

First and foremost, remember that it could always be worse. Take time out of the day, even just a few minutes to remember what you are grateful for—even if it’s just three things a day. It helps to put everything into perspective and it changes the frame of mind. I also remember to tell myself that life comes at you in waves—highs and lows—but it always passes. I want to encourage everyone out there to stick together through these difficult times; ultimately, we are one. Stay healthy, positive, and creative!

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All check-ins compiled and edited by Jon D'Auria & Chris Jisi