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Alassane (vocals, keyboards) and Rachel Eckroth (vocals, keyboards) have been hard at work on a new collaborative project that features the bass work of Tim Lefebvre (Black Crowes, David Bowie). The first single from the new collective is called "Moot Points" and a music video for the track was released today, which is a visual masterpiece produced by Tatch Taboada. While details of an EP or full length album have not been announced, needless to say we can't wait to hear what's to come from this new project. 

"Moot Points" written by Alassane and Rachel Eckroth

Alassane - Vocals, Keyboards

Rachel Eckroth - Vocals, Keyboards

Tim Lefebvre - Producer, Bass

Corey Fonville - Drums

Jason Kingsland - Mixing Engineer

Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering - Mastering Engineer

Video production and VFX by Tatch Taboada

Direction by Rachel Eckroth

Download and Stream the Track: HERE 

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