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Bass Magazine Issue 08

MonoNeon: Visceral Visionary

MonoNeon: Visceral Visionary

Born on the internet and taken in by Prince, MonoNeon has grown himself into one of the greatest bass artists of our time


Victor Wooten: The Wooten Way

Victor has a message for us: Keep Going

Photo by Daniel Work

Bryan Beller: Dancing About Architecture

Freddy Villano goes behind the scenes with Bryan Beller on his latest solo record, 'Scenes From the Flood'

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Mike Kerr: Putting Bass Front & Center With Royal Blood

How disco, costume parties, and new-found sobriety influenced Royal Blood’s new album, 'Typhoons'

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Brandi Disterheft: Riding The Wave

Brandi Disterheft delivers good vibrations with her latest trio album, Surfboard, with a little help from legendary saxophonist George Coleman

Spins Streams Downloads

Issue Eight: Spins, Streams & Downloads

Bass Magazine digs into the latest releases of albums, books, and videos involving all things bass

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Sebastian Steinberg: Force of Nature

From his playing in Soul Coughing to his soul-bearing work with Fiona Apple, Sebastian Steinberg proves why he’s a good man in a storm

Gretchen Lanham (@twink6 on IG)

10 Questions With Jennie Vee

Jennie Vee of Eagles of Death Metal reveals the best bass advice she's been given, which player she'd want to sub for, and much more

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Review: New York Bass Works Reference Series RS4-P Bass

We take a look at the latest P-Bass creation from New York Bass Works with their Reference Series RS4-P


Review: Modern Vintage MVP4-62 & MVJ4-66 Basses

We examine the latest bass collection from Modern Vintage that honor two classic models from the past

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Review: Dogal Hellborg Signature Strings

The brand new Dogal Hellborg Signature Strings will bring you one step closer to Jonas Hellborg's legendary tone


Spector Factory Tour: Rounding The Curve At 45

Bass Magazine's Chris Jisi Takes a Tour Of The Spector Bass USA Custom Shop


Transcription: Jimmy Johnson's Complete “Invention” Bass Line

Stevie Glasgow transcribes Jimmy Johnson's complete work on “Invention” By Flim & The BB’s


Beginner Bass Base – Building Blocks Of A Groove: The Groove Tail

Patrick Pfeiffer continues his lesson series by breaking down one of the most important elements of groove: the tail



Issue 8: Editor's Letter

Bass Magazine Editor-In-Chief Jon D'Auria gives the low down on this issue