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Bass Magazine Issue 10

The Brotherhood: From Willingboro to the World

The Brotherhood: From Willingboro to the World

How four lifelong bass friends exemplify community and perfection


Sting: Captain Bateman’s Basement

Sting’s Complete Scat-Sing-And-Play Bass Transcription & Interview


Jack White: A Different Stripe

With a fresh sound and a newfound passion for bass, Jack White takes his riffs to the deep end on two new solo albums


Este Haim: Back In The Spotlight

Between scoring films and finally touring for her band’s 2020 album, Women in Music Pt. III, Este Haim is happy to return to the limelight

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10 Questions With Tim Lefebvre

The bass guru tells us who he'd ideally sub for, what his first bass was, and his most embarrassing stage moment in this edition of 10 Questions

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Frank Bello: Metal Reflections

The beloved Anthrax bassist bares his soul in his new book and EP, including overcoming tragedy & his triumphant rise to success


Troy Sanders: Having It All

On 'Hushed and Grim,' Troy Sanders & co. prove yet again that Mastodon’s well of creativity is far from dry


Issue Ten: Spins, Streams & Downloads

Bass Magazine digs into the latest releases of albums, books, and videos involving all things bass

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The Brotherhood: From Willingboro to the World

How four lifelong bass friends exemplify community and perfection

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Review: Squier 40th Anniversary Jazz Bass Gold Edition

The 40th Anniversary Jazz is a superb bass with a modest price tag that features a slick look and all the bells and whistles you’d want, with all the tone of an expensive bass

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Review: Phil Jones Bass Nanobass X4 Combo Amplifier

The perfect tool for practicing at your desk, in your home, or on the go that provides clear tone, full sound, and clarity, all in a tiny package


Bass Magazine's 2022 Summer Gear Roundup

Check out these innovative new options to satisfy all of your low-end needs


Beginner Bass Base: Building Speed & Accuracy

Striking a lot of notes in quick succession isn’t all that hard — but knowing when to end that run and having your fingers solidly locked in with the rhythm takes far more skill


Jazz Concepts: Steal From The Best!

Scott LaFaro’s Lick Vocabulary — In Bite-Size Practice Exercises

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Session Madness: Tales From Inside The Groove

New York City studio legend Neil Jason looks back at key sessions in his storied career



Issue 10: Editor's Letter

Bass Magazine Editor Jon D'Auria gives the low down on this issue