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The Way Huge Penny Saver Royale Modulation & Overdrive unites Joe Bonamassa’s beloved Way Huge pedals in a single housing. 

One side features all the punch, grit, and tweakability of the Overrated Special Overdrive. The other side features the lush tones of the Blue Hippo Chorus’ primary mode—with a custom delay time specially suited to Joe’s taste. 

Run each effect independently, or luxuriate in the thick, soupy textures created when overdrive charges into the viscous embrace of modulation. This pedal is ready to infuse Joe’s hypnotic licks—and yours—with an electrifying surge of gain and sustain and the liquefied intensity of a rotating speaker.

“Combining the Overrated Special Overdrive and the Blue Hippo Chorus into one unit, with a single power source, has changed the relationship between chorus and overdrive,” Joe says. “They tend to melt more into the tone giving it a very organic yet unique sound that was not there with the two singular units by themselves. Plus you save a penny or two with the purchase. Everyone wins!”

The Way Huge Penny Saver Royale Modulation & Overdrive is available domestically and internationally from and at select local retailers in the UK, Australia, and Japan.

MSRP: $428.56

Street: $299.99