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Marcus Spangler and his team have teamed up with Russian bass-player Leonid Maksimov to make a stunning fretless-bass full of Leonid's ideas. Watch this video for the opportunity to follow the process from selecting the woods to handing over the finished instrument. 

From Warwick: Regarding this impressive Streamer Stage I Fretless-Bass many special features and specs need to be mentioned: Maple/Ekanga Neck with Ebony Fingerboard and iluminated Dot Inlays and Fretlines, Swamp Ash Body with spectacular Blue Flip-Flop Chrome Finish (Matching Headstock), active mirrored P/J Pickup Setup by EMG, upside-down installed P-Style Pickup, D-Tuner for quickdrop tunings, special onboard electronics etc. Also interesting: Leonid can be seen using his Fret Wrap for string-muting and a cleaner sound. Of course – the music in the video is played by Leonid on this very fretless-bass!

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