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Godlyke, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the TWA® Triskelion® Mk III. The Mk. III combines features of all previous versions of the Triskelion® in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly chassis.

The Triskelion® is a variable-state bandpass filter with adjustable gain. The filter’s “Q” can also be adjusted from very wide to extremely steep to create harmonic focus in a narrow frequency band.

The Triskelion’s specially designed filter can create glassy clean tones, boost mids for throaty solos, or tune your rig to any room for walls of singing, resonant feedback. Massive amp sounds, explosive lead-breaks, infinite sustain, and downright nasty, energy-intense tones are just a few of the uses for the Triskelion® – the possibilities are limitless.

The Triskelion® circuit is based on the uber-rare Systech Harmonic Energizer® and has been used by many well-known artists including Dweezil Zappa Lyle Workman, and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine.

The Triskelion Mk III features the following –

  • Amplitude knob adjusts the gain & output level of the pedal
  • Mass knob adjusts the frequency of the filter
  • Energy knob adjusts the Peak or “Q” of the selected frequency
  • Mass Boost switch raises selected frequency band by 1-octave
  • Amplitude on/off switch allows use of pedal as straight EQ or as a Booster/EQ
  • 1/8” external footswitch jack for remote on/off control of Amplitude knob
  • 1/8” TRS Expression pedal input for external control of the filter frequency sweep
  • Ultra-low noise operation
  • 9V battery or external 9 VDC power with low-current draw operation
  • Relay-based True Bypass switching
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Street Price $229

For more info on TWA® products including video demos of the Triskelion® Mk III, please visit our website, or e-mail us at