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Trickfish Amplification is excited to announce the acquisition of the Flex Core Onboard Preamp in connection with Michael Pope and David Yates.

Trickfish and Pope/Yates have a long running connection with the Bullhead 1K and Bullhead .5K amplifier and it only made sense for the Flex Core Onboard Preamp to find its home with Trickfish Amplification. Trickfish will continue to deliver the exact same dynamic and flexible configurations of the unmatched Flex Core Onboard Preamp.

Flex Core Preamp Features:

· High performance, wide range preamp with low noise and wide bandwidth

· Musical EQ with LOTS of flexibility... works with 2, 3, or 4 bands

· All wire harnesses are PREWIRED and plug-and-play

· Works with almost any kind of pickup

· Solderless screw terminals for pickup connection

· 18V or 9V operation

· Most installations require NO SOLDERING

"It is our goal to expand the availability of this preamp and acquaint bassist around the world to all the features and options available in the amazing circuit that David Yates and Michael Pope have created in the Flex Core Preamp. We are confident that when given a choice, the Flex Core will be the clear pick for bassist of all styles." - Ryan Owens, OWNER, Trickfish Amplification USA, LLC

The Flex Core Internal Preamp is available in a number of configurations and comes pre-configured based on your specific order. Check out all the available options at

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