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Music is created and enjoyed more than ever before, yet only a small number of people can experience the full spectrum, the full feeling. Today, SUBPAC, the industry-leading audio technology company, announced the next generation of its groundbreaking tactile audio systems: the SUBPAC X1. Building on the success of its previous models, the all-new X1 is the next evolutionary step in immersing users physically in music and media.

For creators, SUBPAC gives a deeper connection and understanding of their mix that is not possible with traditional speakers or headphones by physically transferring frequencies through high-fidelity vibrations to the body. For everyone, SUBPAC opens up the physical dimension of sound and new possibilities for immersive experiences.

The new SUBPAC X1 is a software-driven, modular, wireless design that is focused on creators, audio professionals and serious enthusiasts. The SUBPAC X1 offers an innovative hybrid design allowing for both wearable and seated experiences – one SUBPAC, from the studio to the street to the stage and beyond. The SUBPAC X1 system features a companion control module, the SUBPAC C1, for professional analog, digital and wireless connectivity, offering maximum freedom and flexibility.

The SUBPAC X1 represents the next step in our journey to empower creators and deliver immersive audio solutions. The key advancements in our software, hardware and form-factor have been several years in development and are based on feedback from and collaboration with our SUBPAC community” said John Alexiou, SUBPAC’s Co- founder on the launch of the new product.

Already used in thousands of studios and professional environments around the world, the new SUBPAC X1 offers key new advancements:

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Software-Driven Controls for Precision and Customization

Real-time control over filters, EQs, time-alignment and other advanced settings 

Redesigned audio path and software optimizations provide improved fidelity, higher power and more headroom

OTA firmware and software updates support additional features and settings to be released over time in collaboration with artists and industry partners

Advanced Hardware for Power, Performance and Fidelity:

New SUBPAC Tactive  transducers for a deeper and more energy efficient experience

SUBPAC VXTM vibro-tactile membranes for broader vibro-tactile field and increased accuracy

Industry-leading SHARC® DSP chipset for powerful high resolution audio processing

Best-in-class ESS Sabre® Headphone Amp for ultra-low noise floor and broad headphone compatibility

Pro Grade Connectivity for Freedom and Flexibility

SUBPAC’s ultra-low latency, lossless UWB Wireless audio solution 

Neutrik® analog 1⁄4” and 1⁄8” audio connectors throughout 

Removable I/O remote

Forward compatible with Bluetooth® LE Audio

Wirelessly connect multiple SUBPAC X1s from a single SUBPAC C1 module USB Audio Class Compliant and USB Type-C power charging

Comfort, Performance & Adaptability for Seated and Wearable Applications

Increased flexibility and padding for a more comfortable and closer fit Interchangeable strapping solutions for both seated and wearable uses Advanced materials and membrane design for increased tactile performance


The SUBPAC X1 is built on the SUBPAC FLOW platform, an extensible set of software and hardware technologies that are fast becoming the de-facto standard for creating and delivering deep, immersive audio experiences. In addition to the Pro-Audio market SUBPAC is making significant forays into the broader audio markets with partnerships in key industries including Automotive, Home-Cinema, VR, Gaming and Health & Wellness. Its best-in-class patented hardware technologies, advanced content optimization algorithms, and sensor-driven controls are laying the foundation for the next generation of powerful immersive media experiences.


Building on the foundation of the company’s current Artist Affiliate Program, SUBPAC is further reinforcing its commitment to fueling the music ecosystem by developing a progressive Artist Partner Program to include Profit-Sharing, Equity Ownership, and Board Representation from the artist community. Sustainability at the local level is also of importance to the company and the new SUBPAC X1 system will be manufactured in North America, with plans to implement a local assembly process in every continent starting in 2021.


The new SUBPAC X1 / C1 Pro Bundle is available for a EARLY BIRD PRE-ORDER (limited quantities) price of $499, with the X1 on its own for a price of $349 HERE.


Since 2013, SUBPAC has been the global leader in high-fidelity tactile audio technology for music, gaming, VR, automotive and media, transforming traditional audio content into multi-sensory physical experiences. Beyond haptics, SUBPAC’s proprietary customizable hardware and software platform enables creators to unlock the power of bass frequencies and optimize their content for a deeper audience connection. With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal and London, SUBPAC is powered by a team of key investors including Timbaland, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony and other notable venture and strategic investors.