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Modeled after the iconic chorus tones found in one of the world's most sought after vintage synthesizers, JUNE-60 gives you warm, analog modulation from its authentic bucket brigade delay circuit.

Salty caramel fudge tones

Pressing button I bathes your tones in a slow, warm whirl like sunbeams on an endless eighties summer evening.

Button II is a faster chorus full of liquid modulation, providing lush and dynamic movement for delicate Beatle-esque arpeggios or funky strum patterns.

I + II gives you dual, slightly offset, LFO's battling it out for total sonic supremacy, producing a sweet, uneven, almost leslie-ish vibe that makes you want to sit back and do laid back Rhodes-style comping all day.

Feeding JUNE-60 with a clean signal gives you sweet and chewy tones like spinning caramel fudge, while a spoonful of dirt yields a nice and salty response full of guts and grit - ripe for picking out some searing, psychedelic leads.

Rustic but refined
A mono/stereo switch lets you use a Y-cable to hook up JUNE-60 with two amps for an ultra-lush, widening chorus sound, that rolls out of your speakers like waves on an ocean of molasses.

Finishing it all off, the tasteful dark wooden panels, made from CITES-approved tonewood, provide the rustic but refined expression every pedal board needs.

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