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We have elevated our trusty UniTune Clip headstock tuner to the highest level of coolness by giving it the fabled Noir makeover.


UNITUNE CLIP NOIR offers uncompromised tuning quality, a scorchingly bright LED display and versatile tuning options with an elegant and sturdy design.

The Power Couple of Tuning Modes

UNITUNE CLIP NOIR features a light-speed chromatic tuning mode, gives you an instant readout with a bright needle display to an accuracy of ± 0.05 cent.

Need total fine-tuning accuracy? Strobe tuning mode literally gets within two cents of your note with an incredible ± 0.02 cent of tuning accuracy.

Built To Last

UNITUNE CLIP NOIR is made from a special resin designed specifically to provide the kind quality and feel you would expect from a TC Electronic product.

The tough stainless steel clip provides safe grip with a tight industrial grade spring and extra-grippy rubber pads to safely perch your tuner on your guitars headstock.

Does it come in black?

Now available in a sleek black housing with complimentary red buttons, ultra-precise strobe and chromatic modes, UNITUNE CLIP NOIR is the low-key master of no-frills headstock tuning.

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