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While the original PolyTune 3 is already quite compact, the new PolyTune 3 Mini & Noirtake that aspect to the next level.

Don't let their tiny footprint fool you though - they feature lightning fast polyphonic, chromatic, or strobe tuning modes, a super-bright 108-LED display, and a built-in, tone-strengthening Bonafide Buffer.

Always in tune no matter your rig
The studio-grade buffer powers your signal through the longest of cable runs and signal chains without coloring your tone.

It just keeps everything nice, clear and punchy!

Two small dipswitches on the side make it easy to switch between True or Buffered Bypass and the new always-on mode, letting you try out which setting works best for your setup.

Downsize your tuner, upgrade your tone!
A wealth of different tuning modes lets you tune down or use a capo, while holding the footswitch down switches to drop-D mode in 2 seconds.

So what does this mean?

Your tone gets bigger, while your tuner gets smaller!