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Introducing DITTO+ Looper

DITTO+ Looper takes the original Ditto Looper that we all know and love and expands it with a few new features.

 Lightning in a bottle

You never know when inspiration might strike and the next epic riff rears its beautiful face.

When that divine hammer stroke of genius hits you square in the ear, you simply have to be ready to catch it.

 DITTO+’s extensive memory bank with 99 slots is like a personal library to store your loop sessions, making your songwriting process much more intuitive. Now you can easily record your thundering riffs, or store your favorite backing-tracks to solo over!

Dynamically DITTO+

The groundbreaking Extend Loop Mode lets you put longer overdubs on top of shorter loops by stacking the short ones together side by side.

Imagine you’ve cooked up a cool little progression over a few bars and you’re about to rip a sweet riff on top of it, now you don't have to worry about your riff being cut short. 

When you start the overdub, DITTO+ will repeat the first loop until you’re done and sew it all together into one tasty track.

Time is on your side

There’s nothing worse than running out of road, when you’re getting in the groove and the licks starts flowing.

With an hour of high-resolution looping available, DITTO+ always has time for you.

In fact, you could probably fit in all your loop sessions for live performances as well as a whole mess of practice tracks whilst still coming out with plenty of time left on your ticker.

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