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In commemoration of the 10th year since the very first Strandberg guitar was built and born, Strandberg Guitars has introduced the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition series guitars and basses consisting of the company’s most popular models in stunning gold and silver finishes and hardware.

Acclaimed worldwide by guitarists and bassists who want to go beyond the old and tired norms, the Strandberg concept of offering a holistic synergy of scientific ergonomics, state-of-the-art components, tried-and-true organic materials, and meticulous craftsman ship has resulted in instruments that are not only comfortable and easy to play but provide a lively acoustic resonance and incredible tonal versatility.

Available in the Original, Original Tremolo, Prog, Fusion, Metal, Standard and Boden Bass models, all of the instruments feature the same materials and components of these popular models but in specially developed satin gold and silver finishes and hardware to commemorate a landmark point in the history of Strandberg Guitars. Only 5 units of each variation will be available throughout the world – two in the US, two in EU and one in Japan.

The original Boden was the beginning of a new concept and revolution in guitar design that has continued evolve and which has been refined to the modern classic that it is now. The 10th Anniversary Limited Edition series Boden guitars and basses celebrate the birth of a new concept, the exuberant youth of today and an even more exciting future in the years to come.

Available in model variations of Original, Prog, Metal, Fusion, Standard and Boden Bass:

Boden 10th Anniversasry Limited Edition

  • $1595 to $3195 depending on model variation

EUROPE: Direct only through on December 17, 2019 9:00AM CET

JAPAN: Through select resellers in Japan on December 17, 2019 9:00AM JST

USA: Direct only through on January 7, 2020 9:00AM PST

For more visit: Strandberg