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Instruments and racecars have a lot in common. Their sleek designs, round curves and breathtaking paintwork release adrenaline among enthusiasts and are catching people´s eyes all around the globe.

To celebrate their 35th anniversary, Germany’s bass pioneers Sandberg Guitars introduce a very special, limited run of basses inspired by racing cars from legendary Hollywood movies and today's race tracks.

SANDBERG Racing Car Design basses

The limited-edition Racing Car Designs feature Sandberg´s classic shapes like the California TM in light gray with red and blue racing stripes and active electronics, the classic split-coil-loaded California VS in British racing green, a rubin-red California TT with creme racing stripes (with roasted maple neck and passive electronics) as well as their most radical design - the Sandberg Forty Eight in dyna coat blue with orange stripes!

All of these basses get Sandberg´s renowned soft-aging treatment, come with aged hardware, and are available to orderthroughout 2021 exclusively. Just like the basses, better be fast…

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