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From Tobias: After a great decade managing and distributing our Kingston instruments, strings and accessories for MTD, Dana B. Goods will pass the baton on our MTD Kingston Basses back to Daniel and me. Dana and Katie are taking a step towards retirement by scaling back their warehouse operations to focus on smaller space-efficient products.

I am moving this aspect of our business back to Kingston NY. MTD and DBG are working closely together to make the transition as seamless as possible. There is a new batch of MTD Kingston instruments due to hit port next week and a new Purchase Order was placed for more basses earlier this week.

DBG and MTD have the same philosophy on the importance of customer service and artist support, so I don’t expect you will see much difference on this. The next 6 weeks or so will have its share of hiccups (combining social media accounts, moving inventory, parts, etc.) so please be patient. DBG should be your main contact on MTD Kingston issues until the end of April.