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Mo Bass 300 dpi

A bass guitar pedal for the working man, the Mo Bass delivers both overdrive and clean big bottom tones with mild natural compression and even order harmonics, and can do both at the same time.

"The "Mo Bass" pedal takes you from digital to analog in the feel and drive. Good clean bottom end with mid overdrive is easily attainable. Very powerful!" - Derek "Mo" Moore, Nektar

Lounsberry Pedals Mo Bass features:

⦁ Signature bass guitar pedal designed for Derek "Mo" Moore of Nektar.

⦁ The Mo Bass pedal is capable of all the grind, bottom end, and transparent overdrive of the Organ Grinder, only layered with the clean sound of the Tall & Fat.

⦁ Allows for the growly top end favored by rock and prog rock players, while still delivering the round, fat bottom the Tall & Fat is known for.

⦁ The clean, Tall & Fat sound is always present, but as the drive control (Labeled "Mo") is advanced, the balance is tipped more towards the Organ Grinder overdrive. The "Less" control sets output level.

⦁ The Mo Bass provides an excellent pre-driver to help any bass cut through a dense mix, and enhance the sound of any bass amp.

Designed and built in Smithsburg, Maryland, the Mo Bass pedal is shipping now. Suggested retail price is $199.00.. 

Founded in 2016 by Greg Lounsberry, Lounsberry Pedals manufactures a line of high quality musical products. Based in Maryland, the company’s handcrafted preamps and overdrives are designed for guitar, bass and keyboards. Lounsberry’s innovative products recreate the clean and overdriven sounds of the 60's and 70's..

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