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LEH Guitars is thrilled to release their new 4-String Bass at the NAMM 2019 show in Anaheim CA. Visit the Nordstrand booth (# 4240) to experience the new LEH Guitars Offset 4-String bass.

LEH Guitars is proud to announce their new flagship bass: the Offset 4-String. This instrument features an offset alder body with a maple burl top, strategic chambering in the body to reduce weight and prevent neck dive, 21 frets, a hand-carved maple neck, a “design patented” 3-knob slider preamp design, Nordstrand Audio NP-4 and Bigman pickups, a custom-wired Nordstrand Audio 3-band preamp, Hipshot and Gotoh hardware, and a Pat Wilkins finish.

Not a novelty: the first thing you’ll notice about the LEH 4-String is the unique 3-knob slider preamp. At the root of the system is a 3-band Nordstrand Preamp, modified for boost only with three Bornes faders. “A fader is a more visual way to dial in your eq,” notes Lisa Ellis Hahn (the LEH in LEH guitars). “Knobs can be hard to see onstage and it’s easy to second guess your settings. With sliders, you can instantly “see” your sound.” The bass also features a stepped heel allowing players unfettered, comfortable access to the upper frets.

“This bass has been in my imagination for years,” says Hahn. “After playing it and hearing it in the hands of much better players, I’ve been impressed with its tone and versatility. My favorite thing is the sustain: it doesn’t stop. This is partly because of the exaggerated neck-to-body joint, but it’s really the sum of all the parts.”

The 4-string joins LEH’s current crop of 5-string basses, which all use the same slider preamp and offset styling. “I spend a lot of time making sure that the tonality of the woods work together, that the neck joint is tight and perfect, and that all of the boxes are checked off on the fretwork and overall construction,” says Hahn. “It doesn’t matter how good your bass looks if everything isn’t quite right under the hood.”

About LEH Guitars: Since 2002, Lisa Ellis Hahn has repaired and built instruments for many of the world’s top touring guitar and bass players—as well as thousands of regular players. She has worked at the Sadowsky shop since 2005 and has been the manager/top builder since 2013. She continues to mentor up-and-coming builders and pursue “continuous improvement.”

Instruments are currently available direct from LEH or from the LEH reverb store. All product and interview inquiries to .