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La Bella Strings, the world’s oldest, continuously family-owned and operated string manufacturer is proud to unveil their brand new logo and packaging at NAMM 2019. With roots deep in heritage and tradition, the company has always maintained a balance of honoring that with the latest technology in their products so the branding refresh further continues that path.

Richard Cocco Jr., President of E. & O. Mari, Inc. / La Bella said of the news, “We’re extremely excited to launch our new logo and rebranding of our packaging. Our new look embodies the vintage tone we helped create back in the 60s, while maintaining a fresh timeless look, much like how we marry our long standing traditions in string making with today’s latest innovations in manufacturing.”

La Bella brought in Matthew Welsh of Killdisco Design to spearhead the rebranding based not only on his design expertise but also for his history as a touring musician. Welsh said, “Getting the opportunity to work on this for a company I’ve admired for so long is a huge career and personal highlight for me. Whenever a designer has a chance to rebrand a heritage company, the goal is always to maintain the spirit of the company’s roots while seamlessly introducing itself to a newer modern audience.”

La Bella is also excited to launch their production of “Emilio” guitars at NAMM 2019. Similar to La Bella’s line of handmade “Olinto” basses, Emilio Guitars are vintage-inspired guitars made in Brooklyn using 100% sustainable woods to create great sounding and playing instruments.

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La Bella is the world’s oldest, continuously family-owned and operated string manufacturer. La Bella manufacturers hundreds of different strings for nearly every stringed-instrument in distributed in nearly every country. The art of string making is a family tradition passed down from generation to generation since the 1600s beginning in Italy. For the last 104 years, La Bella has been making all of its strings in New York, using the finest quality American material. La Bella is dedicated in offering the highest quality music strings to professionals and amateurs alike, combining hundreds of years of experience with the latest technology.