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From Jens Ritter:

I have always lived a free life and pursued a vocation that fulfills me, in which I can be creative and travel the world. Until now - being locked up at home because of the Covid-19 situation. Out of frustration of not being able to help infected people as I'm not a doctor nor a nurse, I have decided to become involved in my own way:

Starting today the prices of my available instruments and all custom orders will be reduced by 20% for the time of the lockdown! My hope is to collect as much money as possible of which I will donate 20% to the non-profit organization "Save the Children e.V." to support their current charity, which cares for needy children and their families with a Coronavirus infection.

If you were planning to buy an available RITTER instrument or have one custom made for you - now is the time to finally do it! You will get your instrument at a great price and you will support the fight against Covid-19 and you can look forward to receiving a special treasure when this desasterous situation is over!

To see pictures of available instruments click here.

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