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JPCS32 copy

Ibanez JPCS32 “Sakura”

Our Japanese Custom Shop team opted for the name ‘Sakura’, ‘cherry blossom’ in Japanese, for this very special bass. The reason for the name is fairly obvious: the entire span of the top of this bass is inlayed with many cherry blossoms made from various types of wood and seashells. The inlay work on this bass involved individually cutting, sanding and seating well over 90 individual pieces of shell and wood. Not to mentioned the extra time involved to seat, level, and dress the stainless steel frets. The end result of all the hours that went into this bass is absolutely stunning. The inlay work, combined with the Maple Burl top, and Yozakura Blue finish, combine to form an exquisite piece of functional artwork. Other unique features found on this instrument include matching pickup covers with cherry blossom inlay work and a Maple Burl “mountain ridge” headstock inlay. 


Unique Features

Cherry Blossoms inlays

The face of this instrument is covered from top to bottom in cherry blossom inlays comprised of over 90 individual pieces of figured wood and seashells.

Timeless Timber Maple Neck Center

Recovered from the depths of lakes and rivers after what sometimes amounts to hundreds of years, timeless timber hardwoods are special, rare, and highly coveted. This instrument features a clearly distinguishable strip of Timeless Timber Maple as the centerpiece of the neck.

Mountain Range Headstock inlay

Adorning the headstock facing is a piece of Maple burl inlayed between two other pieces of Lauan, creating the appearance of the peak of a mountain.


Neck: 5pc Maple/Purpleheart (Timeless Timber Maple core)

Neck Width: 38.0mm @ Nut, 60.0mm @ 24th Fret

Neck Thickness: 19.5mm @ 1st Fret, 22.5mm @ 12th Fret

Grip Shape: Atlas-4 HP

Fingerboard: Ebony

Fingerboard Radius: 12”

String Spacing: 19mm

Inlays: MOP & Abalone

Side Dots: White

Scale Length: 34”

Neck Joint: Bolt-On

Body: Alder

Top: Maple Burl

Pickups: Nordstrand Big Singles

Tuners: Gotoh RES-O-LITE

Bridge: MR5S

EQ: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-Band EQ

Controls: Vol/Blend/Treble/Mid/Bass/EQ Bypass/Mid Selector

Finish: Yozakura Blue