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GR Bass announces its new range of speakers, the AeroTech (AT) speakers!

The new AeroTech speakers from GR Bass are, hands-down, the lightest bass guitar speaker cabinets in the world! Refusing to follow the pack by recycling speaker models every few years, GR Bass has created its own disruptive speaker class, the Featherweight speaker.

Never before has a professional speaker cabinet been produced with a performance to weight ratio like that of the AeroTech. Utilizing R&D, materials and manufacturing techniques from the Aero Space industry, GR Bass has reduced overall weight while maintaining the strength and rigidity required to deliver the highest performance possible.

Using a carbon fiber wafer made up of high-tech carbon sheets and tunable substrate material in place of plywood, AeroTech speakers are not only very durable, but extremely lightweight. These patented wafers have been ‘tuned’ to perform like wood, but without its weight. Speaker manufacturers had previously only been able to control the woofer and cabinet design, but GR Bass is now also able to control the cabinet material. The result is an extremely full-range, balanced, and lightweight speaker cabinet. No detail was ignored, even the cabinet corners were redesigned using carbon graphite in place of typical, heavier, metal corners.

Developed over two years, the patented AeroTech speaker cabinets required new, unique manufacturing and construction techniques to ensure each speaker cabinet matches its specifications, yielding the highest level of quality, consistency, and light weight. The end result is an all new market class of speaker cabinets, the Featherweight.

How do AeroTech speaker cabinets compare to similar wood cabinets?

• AeroTech speakers are up to 40% lighter than plywood cabinets, saving your back during load- in/load out and saving you when speakers need to be shipped on the road or abroad.

• AeroTech speakers possess greater consistency in both weight and sound. By using non-organic material, identical matches between speaker cabinets is possible now and later.

• AeroTech speaker box designs employ extreme rigidity, improving sound quality by reducing resonance and controlling cabinet vibration.

The new GR Bass AeroTech product line ranges from the ATCUBE112 (16.5 lbs.) $969 up to the AT410 $1,599 (33 lbs). Cabinets are available in 1x12”, 2x8”, 2x10”, 2x12” and 4x10” configurations. All models include high-frequency horns with adjustable crossovers.

The AeroTech speaker range begins shipping February 1, 2020.

GR Bass is a boutique bass amplifier and speaker manufacturer located in Monopoli, Italy. For more information contact Sonata Marketing –