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Godlyke, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the SexyBoost2 from Cicognani Engineering. Designed by the “Guru” Guglielmo Cicognani, the SexyBoost2 is an analog, tube-driven booster pedal that is perfect for pushing the front-end of a tube amp or as a level booster in a loop.

The SexyBoost2 circuit is centered around a 12AU7 preamp tube that provides maximum headroom and transparency. The pedal features two discreet, footswitchable channels. The first channel is a clean boost with max gain of +10 dB. This channel is perfect for a thick, full-frequency rhythm sound. The second channel is a dedicated midrange boost with a max gain of +8 dB. This channel is perfect as a lead boost to pop out of a mix.

A global Treble/Bass Cut control rounds out the SexyBoost2 and allows the user to fine tune the pedal’s tone for use with a variety of amps.

The SexyBoost2 offers the following features –

· Tube booster pedal based around 12AU7/ECC83 preamp tube

· Clean Boost channel with -30 dB to +10db gain range.

· Mid Boost channel with -30 dB to +8 dB gain range.

· Global Treble/Bass Cut control for precise tone adjustment.

· Red/Green LED indicators for channel selection

· True Bypass Switching.

· Hand-made in Italy

· Street price $279

For more info on the SexyBoost2 as well as other Cicognani products, please visit