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From Fodera: 

We hope this announcement finds you and your loved ones well in these unprecedented times.

On March 14th, 2020 Fodera Guitars celebrated its 37th year in business! Fodera had just recently released our anniversary models to our dealer network before the state-mandated shelter-in-place was implemented. Experiencing a shutdown without being able to physically go to work is an unfortunate and heartbreaking situation for everyone to be facing. We are at our best when creating our instruments in collaboration with all of you.

Fodera is dedicated to producing the very finest electric stringed instruments as possible for you, the artist. We are truly grateful for the ongoing love and support that our Fodera Family has shown us throughout the years, especially during these trying times. We feel blessed to be working together with you, to create our unique 'playable art' for 37 years now and counting.

To commemorate this year, we will be building a limited run of the Monarch Deluxe in both 4 and 5 strings, available ONLY through our dealers! They will all feature a solid Olive top, Mahogany body and Ash neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard and a commemorative plaque. This is an incredibly rare opportunity - the Olive we have acquired is large in both dimension and high in quality, which is highly unusual. These trees are typically not sourced for their lumber but preserved for farming. Finding a batch of Olive this spectacular is rare, and we are very excited to share it with you!

While a Custom Monarch 4 Deluxe with all of these options would normally carry a List Price of $9,900, our goal is to celebrate Fodera's birthday with as wide an audience as possible, so we will be offering these instruments for their respective base prices - $7,750 and $8,550. This is an exciting opportunity if you would like to own a Custom Shop-built piece of Fodera history at an incredible price.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.43.13 PM

If you were contemplating placing an order during our temporary closure, it would be an incredibly generous act towards both Fodera and our Dealers and would be deeply appreciated! As a small custom shop, every single order is significant and contributes to our forward momentum. As soon as the 'pause' is lifted on New York, we expect to resume and bring our business, as well as our production schedule to the next level. We look forward to continuing innovating and inspiring musicians to push the limits of creativity for generations to come.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.43.20 PM

Reach out to your respective dealer to check on the availability of our Anniversary Monarch Deluxe today! 

To summarize:

-Special Limited Monarch Deluxe Instruments with Commemorative Plaque

-Available through Fodera Authorized Dealers ONLY

-Fodera Custom Shop Parts, Pickups and Electronics

-Built with Materials that are USFWS & CITES Free so there will be no need for either us or you to secure permits to ship them overseas.

-Attractive Price Point ($7,750 and $8,550 for a “loaded” Custom Shop Fodera Monarch Deluxe!)

-Along with this release, we are including an Accessories/Strings Discount! All accessory items and strings will be marked 14% off to further commemorate our anniversary (which was March 14th). Please check our online shop to take advantage of the sale! (4/1 - 4/30)

We appreciate all the kind messages we have received so far, so please send more! We enjoy seeing how you're doing, your encouraging messages and your Fodera collections! For a chance to be featured on our social media pages, send us a video of you playing your Fodera along with any well wishes you have! The clips should be 15 seconds or less and emailed to so we could feature you on our social media pages!

Thank you for being with us throughout all these years and here's to better times! Please be safe and take care of each other!

With Love, The Fodera Team 

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