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Introducing our first new Standard build for 2019, our Olympic White Emperor 5 Standard Special! Based on our Emperor J 5 and matched with the latest pickups from Aguilar Amplification, t his bass delivers modern J-bass tones in a sleek and comfortable package. For tone woods an Alder body was chosen for its warmth and deep low-end matched to a 3-piece Maple neck with a Birdseye Maple fingerboard for a clear and articulate top end. With its 22-frets and 19mm string spacing, this Emperor is perfect for slapping and has a slim sculpted heel for easy playing in the upper frets.

The Emperor Standard also features Aguilar's latest Super Split pickups which offer rich bass tone, a crisp and open treble, and a growly midrange in a soapbar pickup cover. They are split coil by design giving the bass quiet, noise free operation yet still retain the character of classic 60's era single coil pickups. With our 3-band Standard preamp you'll be able to dial in the bass for any room and gigging situation. Rounding out this Emperor is all black hardware with a 3-ply black pickguard, black dot inlays, and a smooth satin Olympic White finish.


Emperor 5 Standard Special - $5,650

·Alder body

·Satin Olympic White finish

· 3-pc Maple neck

·Birdseye Maple fingerboard

·Black dot inlays

·34″ scale


·19.0mm string spacing

·Fodera Standard 3-band preamp

·Aguilar Super Split pickups

·Standard control layout

·Fodera Standard bridge

Black Pickguard