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LA based guitarist / bassist Felix Martin releases the Classic Basses (FMBC), a new line of basses inspired by classic models with PJ pickups, relic finishes and a more traditional type of body.

"The FM Basses are a type of bass that is extremely new and with a whole new musical horizon to explore. I wanted to keep developing this concept further and came up with this new line of classic basses" says Felix.


"The wide neck gives you a unique/fuller sound and the Precision / Jazz pickups are perfect to capture this, since they are very natural, highlighting rather than modifying the sound from the bass itself. The body of these basses is more rounded giving it a classic look" Says Felix.


Many options are possible, but currently the two basic setups for the classic basses are:

8-strings: 4+4

10-strings: 5+5

Other options are possible, such as different tops, colored tuners, multiscale, colors, etc. The pickups are designed by Felix Martin, but other options are possible on a per-order basis such as EMG, Fishman, etc.

"I think the feel, sound, and weight on these basses makes them gig-ready! You should feel comfortable playing your existing repertoire while you add new music that leverages their full potential." says bassist Joan Torres who can be seen demoing these basses.


Every bass is specifically designed with ergonomics in mind to play tapping, as well as more traditional bass techniques.

For more info, check out FM Guitars:

Felix Martin