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Squier Contemporary Series

The Squier brand has always been a great way of getting a very reasonable quality guitar for a lot less money than a US or Mexican/Japanese built Fender. These Contemporary models offer some enhancements over the standard models, but still come in at a relatively affordable price point.


Fender’s expanded Squier Contemporary Series now includes four bass models including the Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH, Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH V,Contemporary Active Precision Bass PH and the Contemporary Active Precision Bass PH V.


Contemporary Features

Modern-voiced Squier SQR pickups power all the models in the range. They also feature roasted maple necks, along with sculpted neck heels for better upper fret access. And, finally, painted headstocks with chrome Squier logos, where appropriate. The bass models get an active 9-volt preamp with controls for volume, blend, tone and bass/treble boost. All nice little tweaks to the formula and enough to set them apart from the regular Squier models currently on offer.


These new models all feature:

  • Modern-voiced Squier® SQR™ pickups
  • Rich-looking roasted maple necks for optimal stability
  • Sculpted neck heels for improved hand comfort all the way to the upper frets and painted headstocks with chrome logos for a super-premium look

Color Options

Colours on offer include Sunset Metallic, Shell Pink Pearl, Pearl White, Gunmetal Metallic, Shoreline Gold, and Sky Burst Metallic.

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