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EMG Pickups announces the Les Claypool Signature ‘Pachyderm Gold’ P-Bass Pickup. This set pairs a custom version of the EMG PA with a new brushed gold cover, bringing a new aesthetic to the tried and true EMG formula and defying the laws of the traditional P.

Having spent decades as an EMG artist, Claypool has experimented with a multitude of EMG bass products from soapbars to the various P-bass models. Over the years he found himself coming back to the EMG PA pudding time after pudding time. In order to solidify his funky tone, the original PA laid the groundwork for his new signature design.

The Les Claypool ‘Pachyderm Gold’ PA is a standard 4-string P-bass pickup size and utilizes Alnico 5 magnets. Short, squat coils give this P Pickup a warm and rich tone without any unwanted noise so you can rumble like a southbound pachyderm headed for the seas of cheese. The set includes the EMG solderless wiring kit, containing the pots and components necessary for the classic P-Bass configuration, making at-home installation a breeze. Being a family-run Northern California company, EMG was ecstatic to hear that Les teamed up with his son, Cage, to create this Wild West flick for the release of these gold nuggets.

“As a veteran music video director and wannabe filmmaker, it swells my chest with puffy pride to see my son Cage delve into the world of cinematography and excel at it. He blows me away with his skill set, perspective, work ethic and ease of collaboration. That’s my boy!!” –Les Claypool

They can’t all be zingers, but the Pachyderm gold set is sure to satisfy! Get yours before the gold rush begins!

MAP: $149.00 MSRP: $249.99

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