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Flow® Jumbo 420 Pick

We know how to relax and go with the flow. This special gauge embodies that tendency by providing a smoother, more comfortable experience. Like other Flow Picks, it has a wide angle, sharp tip, uniform bevel, and low-profile grip—but this pick’s extra heft makes it even more ergonomic, play even faster, and project even louder with a smoother high end.

• Wide angle, sharp tip, and uniform bevel provide for a smooth, articulate attack

• Low-profile grip provides just the right amount of control

• Extra heft makes this pick more ergonomic, play faster, and project even louder

MSRP: $9.34 Player’s Pack, 2 Picks


Tortex® Flow® Standard Pick

Ever since we unveiled our Flow Picks line in 2018, players have been asking us to bring that unique aerodynamic shape to Tortex Picks. In 2019, their wish has come true.

Tortex Flow Picks combine the bright snap of Tortex Picks with the geometry of Flow Picks, featuring a wide angle to focus your attack and a sharp tip for superior precision and articulation. With one of these picks in hand, you’ll have the smoothest experience ever provided by a Tortex Pick. Let your skill show with Tortex Flow Picks.

• Combines bright snap of Tortex Picks with Flow Picks shape

• Wide angle focuses your attack

• Sharp tip provides superior precision and articulation

• Available in .50, .60, .73, .88, 1.0, 1.14, 1.35, and 1.5mm gauges

MSRP: $6.06 Player’s Pack, 12 Picks


Dunlop Manufacturing and Pendleton Woolen Mills—two quintessentially American companies with a shared commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. Dunlop and Pendleton are both family owned and operated with a rich, creative heritage establishing benchmarks in their respective industries. It only made sense for our companies to collaborate. We’ve created Pendleton x Dunlop Woolen Authentics Guitar Straps, a premium limited edition series, and Pendleton x Dunlop Woven Signature Guitar Straps, a sturdy everyday series, so you can wear your pioneering spirit on your shoulder.

Each special edition Pendleton x Dunlop Woolen Authentics Strap is limited to 100 of each design. We start with a supple leather backing and sew onto it a randomly cut strip from a section of Pendleton’s famous fabric—crafted of pure virgin wool from Pendleton’s own mills. This random selection of fabric makes each of these exquisitely made straps a one-of-a-kind tribute to Pendleton’s historic American designs.

The Pendleton x Dunlop Woven Signature Line combines the timeless, boldly colored patterns of Pendleton blankets with Dunlop’s sturdy, high quality Jacquard Straps. Each strap pays tribute to Pendleton's more than 150 years of weaving legacy with iconic, beloved signature patterns which, through the generations, have become mainstays of American design. Show off your pioneering spirit with confidence, whether you’re playing in a dive bar or at a beach bonfire.

Pendleton x Dunlop Woolen Authentics Guitar Straps

MSRP: $69.99

• Supple leather sewn onto randomly cut strip of Pendleton’s pure virgin wool fabric

• Truly one of a kind

• 6 different designs, limited to 100 pieces each

Pendleton x Dunlop Woven Woven Signature Straps

MSRP: $32.99

• Sturdy, high quality Jacquard-woven fabric

• Adorned with Pendleton’s timeless, boldly colored patterns

• Show off your pioneering spirit


BMF Deluxe Leather Strap

The BMF Deluxe Leather Strap is 4-1/2” wide and made of soft, luxurious leather that melts into your shoulder and makes the heaviest of instruments feel light as a feather. Designed primarily for use with basses, it is also useful for heavier guitars made of mahogany and maple. And it’s durable and rugged enough to last for years.

• Specially designed for guitarists and bass players with heavy instruments

• 4-1/2”-wide strap melts into your shoulder and redistributes the weight of your instrument

• Made from soft, luxurious leather

• Breaks in fast and will last for years

MSRP: $159.99

For more visit: Dunlop