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Damnation Audio's new Curmudgeon 2 is a solid-state power amp (lead sled) distortion that takes your incoming signal, multiplies it by 1000, and slams it into a simulated power amp. This simulated power amp features parallel stages that are mixed and loaded down just like a power amp struggling to breathe. This gives you multiple stages of solid-state amp coloration and distortion. A simple tone control lets in just enough high frequency to help you cut through in a dense mix.


  • Original analog design
  • Pedal board-friendly size with top-mounted jacks
  • Silent relay-based true-bypass switching
  • Depth toggle to quickly change the character of the pedal from bright grinding tones to massive thick tones
  • Circuit design allows for placement anywhere in your signal chain or use with active pickups
  • Great for guitar, bass, baritone, synths, and more!
  • Standard center-negative 2.1mm 9V DC jack

Curmudgeon 2 is priced at $219.00 USD and is available now at the Damnation Audio Web Store and select retailers.

For more visit: Damnation Audio