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Adding to the CompIQ series, BecosFX introduces the CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor pedal for guitar and bass – the 2-knob compressor in the CompIQ series, aimed at the set-and-forget type of users, which seek simplicity in operation.

Just like the others in the CompIQ series, the MINI ONE is designed around the highest performance Analog Engine® from THAT Corp., ensuring the musical response and transparency of analog circuitry processing, without distortions or artifacts.


The pedal offers the following features:

  • Dynamic processing through a true audio RMS-level sensor coupled with a high-performance Blackmer VCA®
  • Simple 2-knobs interface for Ratio (1:1 to Inf:1) and Make-up Gain (-6dB to +20dB)
  • A SENSE threshold control with two switchable presets: Low threshold is fixed at -40dBu, and High threshold is user-trimmable in a range from -40dBu up to +10dBu
  • An Auto Dynamic Timing circuit which responds to input signal variation
  • A Dry / Wet blend knob for parallel compression
  • 5-LED compression display
  • True Bypass on/off foot switch
  • 9-12V DC power operation, center negative
  • Road-ready, durable, black-powdered aluminum enclosure

Starting with the 2014 introduction of the Micro Booster Onboard Preamp – a very successful add-on booster for guitar and bass -, BECOSFX has expanded its product line of effects with the products like the unique-featured MIDI Enabled Overdrive / Amp Channel Switcher pedal, the extremely versatile CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor pedal and later on this year with the rack-like featured CompIQ PRO Stella Compressor pedal. Within five years of existence, BECOSFX introduced a number of fresh innovations, raising the bar for the quality and features offered at a very competitive price.

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