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Struggling to feel? We hear you. BackBeat is the wearable, portable rumble pack and practice amp for bassists that turns every low note you play into a vibration you can feel. Designed in Detroit, BackBeat is a wearable subwoofer designed to meet the performance and practice needs of the serious bass player. 

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When you play a string on your bass, BackBeat turns the sound you make into a vibration you can feel. Clip it to your strap, connect it to your bass, and feel what you play. Or, plug your headphones into the BackBeat for a complete auditory and tactile immersion experience. Excellent for silent practice!

Modern stages have gone ampless but BackBeat allows you to play with confidence by providing instant feedback directly to your body. IEM's bring back the sound but do you miss the feel? With BackBeat, it's like standing in front of a cabinet where you feel the bass again. It matches the intensity of your playing and even the pitch of the note you are playing. 

BackBeat is wearable. Simply clip it on, plug it in, move anywhere on stage, and feel every note.

BackBeat is portable. It is lightweight, fits in your gig bag, recharges fast, and lets you play and practice anywhere. 

BackBeat is self-contained. No external amp or power needed. It is true bypass and the battery lasts 3-5 hours on a single charge.

BackBeat is flexible. Configure it for FOH, for in-ear monitoring, and individual practice. 

Created for the ampless stage, BackBeat is made of durable cast aluminum and is strong enough to withstand the rigors of the stage, performance, and road. The control knob allows you to dial in the rumble feel from subtle to intense and a separate headphone volume dial allows you to adjust headphone output. There is also a 1/8" input for Smartphone or MP3 player for silent practice. 

“All of a sudden my hands were moving in ways they hadn’t moved in years because I was able to play lighter and still feel more” -Victor Wooten

“IEMs are made even better with the help of BackBeat. Being able to feel every note has made me feel more in control than ever” -Josh

PLAY Bass. FEEL Bass. Get BackBeat.

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