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Asterope launched its full line of the Asterope Pro Bass Series instrument cable, ideal for bass players in both studio and live environments. The new products deliver fuller, rounder and richer tones while preserving warm mids and clean highs. The Pro Bass Series uses Asterope’s exclusive technology –the result of decades of R&D – providing customers with greater clarity, bandwidth and harmonic response.

“Considering the stable of world-class of bass players on our roster, it seemed appropriate to put some intention and thought into creating a solution that would more specifically serve their needs,” said Dariush Rad, founder and president of Asterope. “By making some modifications to our core designs, we were able to successfully develop a new cable with the sonic characteristics that meet the needs of these artists.”

Bassist Doug Wimbish of Living Colour, stated “Asterope cables are the best I have used in my lifetime. They are truly from another galaxy... The frequencies are crystal clear and full of beautiful colors and tones. True innovation in full EFX!”

The Asterope Pro Bass cables are built with extensive braided shielding, non-metallic connector barrels, patented solid core, ultra-clarity nickel connectors, ultra-pure silver solder, and a durable exterior jacketing to protect the integrity of the cable’s architecture. The products undergo a proprietary process to increase clarity and enhance electron flow, delivering enhanced harmonic and frequency response.

All Asterope products are designed and manufactured in the United States. For more information, contact the company at

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