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Legendary bassist Will Lee has just released his latest single "Miss You Most Of All," which reflects on the COVID pandemic and how it impacted him as a musician and on a personal level. The track features the Peterson brothers (Ricky, Paul, and Willard) with Rich Pagano on drums.  

From Will Lee: This is totally my “COVID song”. It’s written about the experience I had when all my upcoming work disappeared for a year and how New York City was not a great place to be for a while, so I got out while I could but started to miss my life I had been rooted into for so many years. NYC is my home and this song was written with one of my best friends in mind, Chris Parker. Since the day we met, we’ve had, and continue to have, so many professional and friendship experiences that being away gave me the chance to look back and appreciate what we have. I hope you dig this song, “Miss You Most Of All”, featuring the Peterson Brothers: Ricky, Paul & Willard with Rich Pagano on drums. Engineered by Glenn Ianaro. Filmed, directed, edited by Benoit Galera additional filming by Sandrine Lee. 

Previously Lee released his single “Shoulder Worth Crying On” on January 3rd. "I wrote this song as a semi-Stones-y tribute. When you see somebody you want to be with, someone so irresistible that you start to imagine, “Could that person withstand my flaws, once they’re revealed?” Sometimes that person is so damn fine, you just might take a chance on making a total fool of yourself, if the prospect of spending some time with them looms largely enough. Enjoy!"

“Shoulder Worth Crying On” (by Will Lee & Jeff Young) Will Lee - Vocals and Bass Charley Drayton - Drums Waddy Wachtel - Guitars Jeff Young - Keyboards Nicki Richards and Elaine Caswell - Backing Vocals

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