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Aguilar Amplification, maker of high-quality amplifiers, speaker cabinets, pickups and effects pedals for bassists is pleased to announce the addition of the world’s most dangerous bassist, Will Lee to their family of endorsing artists.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, bassist and vocalist Will Lee is known for creating groovy bass lines that have anchored songs by an extraordinarily diverse and expansive group of artists. Will is also widely known for his own albums including his latest release “Love, Gratitude and Other Distractions” on Sinning Saint Records.

Will is using Aguilar’s legendary DB 751 amplifier and DB 410 cabinets. Of his Aguilar rig, Will says “Aguilar amps & cabs just feel like they’re made for pros by pros! They deliver all the punch & warmth and they keep on delivering hour after hour. They seem to be saying “Give me more- I can take it!” and that’s satisfying. When I visited the factory and saw each unit is put through rigorous tests by the individual makers of each piece of gear, it was then I finally understood why the quality was so high!”

Aguilar Amplification is a manufacturer of high quality bass amplification, pickups, preamps and effects pedals located in NYC. Many of the world's greatest musicians have chosen to use Aguilar. Our list of endorsers includes Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck), Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy), Tully Kennedy (Jason Aldean), Adam Nitti (Stephen Curtis Chapman), John Patitucci (Wayne Shorter) and Oscar Stagnaro (Paquito D’Rivera). For more information, please visit: